Use Cases
  • Backup and Recovery
    Frequent recovery points allow recovering from operator errors.
    Disaster protection
    Replicated copies in other clusters allow recovering from site disasters.
    Copy data management
    Use replicas for analysis or test and development.
    Move applications between clouds as business needs change.

    Our Approach
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    Focus on applications

    KubeSafe software protects not just application data, but also the configuration state necessary to restart applications after a failure. All with no Kubernetes expertise required.

    Leverage storage

    KubeSafe software takes advantage of the capabilities of your storage infrastructure to efficiently back up only what's changed. Each backup takes less space, making it economical to back up frequently.

    Replicate across clusters

    KubeSafe software can restore backups from one cluster on another cluster. You control which applications need cross-cluster protection, as well as when and where to recover applications after a failure.

    Put backups to work

    KubeSafe software can start cloned copies of your applications from backups; use these clones for analytics or test and development.

    Learn More
  • KubeSafe is a data management startup founded in 2018 based in Sunnyvale, California with an additional development center in Bangalore, India.

    Reach out to us for more information or access to an experimental version of KubeSafe software for your testing.

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